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Foreign exchange, otherwise known as Forex, has been an asset class that has not seen that many revisions for years. We all know the traditional pairs like EUR/GPB or US/CAN, but the lack of exotic pairs has hurt the long-term growth of the asset. However, Equitiz thought it was time that this changed.

We have invested the time and effort to find an ideal balance of traditional and exotic pairs to keep our traders interested and engaged in this fluid market.

  • All your favourite traditional pairs.
  • Access new and exciting exotic pairs only found on Equitiz.
  • Trade with confidence with real-time data and trends to help predict the market.
  • Lightning-fast transactions with low yields make every trade count.
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With Equitiz, the power is truly in your pocket. Our team has built our platform to be flexible, secure, and, most of all, customizable. Whether you are looking for a multi-asset strategy or want to focus on a single asset class, Equitiz makes it easy.

Stop settling for your portfolio and explore the world of possibilities that Equitiz can open for your investments.

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We are not your father’s investment firm. Equitiz was built from the ground up with you in mind. Whether you want to focus on a single asset or diversify with a multi-asset approach, our platform is ready to take your trading to the next level.

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