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Equitiz is an investment platform like no other, and part of the reason for this is our proprietary wallet-less trading in the crypto space. Unlike other exchanges, Equitiz does not require you to sign up or transfer to a crypto wallet.

Instead, you can buy and sell the leading coins and thousands of altcoins just like any other asset on the Equitiz platform.

  • Access Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other mainstream coins and projects.
  • Buy and sell thousands of altcoins, all from a single exchange.
  • Enjoy genuine wallet-less trading with military-grade security.
  • Take on this volatile market with market insights, data, and cutting-edge analytics.
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With Equitiz, the power is truly in your pocket. Our team has built our platform to be flexible, secure, and, most of all, customizable. Whether you are looking for a multi-asset strategy or want to focus on a single asset class, Equitiz makes it easy.

Stop settling for your portfolio and explore the world of possibilities that Equitiz can open for your investments.

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We are not your father’s investment firm. Equitiz was built from the ground up with you in mind. Whether you want to focus on a single asset or diversify with a multi-asset approach, our platform is ready to take your trading to the next level.

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